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Asheem Chakravarty of Indian Ocean Passes Away

December 25, 2009
Asheem Chakravarty 1957 - 2009

Asheem Chakravarty 1957 -2009



December 25, 2009

OK ! This one is for the records. Cusp the band were ‘supposebly’ the best Alt rock act to emerge from Mumbai in the early part of this decade (Sorry! I wasn’t around 😛 ).  Now disbanded ‘CUSP’ has released ‘Thirteen’ of its best compositions as a FREE DOWNLOAD Album titled ‘Thirteen’ at this location. (Yes !  Download link is now working- Thanks to Anit Gvlani)

Click to enlarge

Track List

1. Man in the Sun
2. Memories
3. Water
4. Float
5. Sell Out
6. Ride Down
7. Stuck with Me
8. Cracker of an issue
9. Feet on the ceiling
10. Parasite
11. Parasite (live)
12. Spiderman (live)
13. Paper Boats (unfinished)

More about CUSP on .

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December 25, 2009

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Exclusive: Download LIMIT ZERO Debut Ep

December 24, 2009

Limit Zero is a studio project from Bangalore , India. Formed in late 2008 by Shreyas Skandan, the project hadn’t made any progress until early 2009 when Sachin Rajmohan (Kaashmora) joined the project as vocalist. The idea behind Limit Zero was to unify various genres and sounds to create one melodic soundscape with a hint of brutality, and a concept that focuses on Space, Gravity and other interstellar uncertainties.

Limit Zero’s  first release – A self titled 3 track demo EP is out. It is available for free download

IRMP3 : Hey Guys Congratulations  on the Limit Zero EP release, tell us a litlle bit about the project Limit Zero
Shreyas: Limit Zero started off as my solo project . But the main idea was to eventually form a stable line up and play shows. I met Sachin through a mutual friend and we hit it off pretty well as we had similar taste in music and both of us had an unexplainable fascination for space. The idea behind our music is to unify various genres and sounds to create an ambient-melodic soundscape with a hint of brutality. And our artwork reflects the concept that drives our music, SPACE. The atmosphere that we try to create in our music is merely our way of expressing what space is to us and as the name suggests, there’s a mathematical factor involved as well. Also, we might not be the most technical musicians, but we make sure there’s a lot of groove, and with groove comes a little bit of complexity and technicality.

IRMP3: Please introduce yourselves
Shreyas Skandan – I’m currently doing my 12th standard/1st year Pre-University. Finding time for one band is hard enough, so no , I haven’t played for any serious band prior to Limit Zero, just a couple of projects and a college band.

Sachin Rajmohan – I`m curently working as a Market Research Analyst for a private firm. I’ve played for several alternative bands like GravE , Schnell etc. Of recent ,my vocal style has changed drastically. Apart from Limit Zero, I also do vocals for Kaashmora, another progressive band from Bangalore.

IRMP3: Your debut offering sounds very promising , Tell us about the making of Limit Zero EP

Shreyas Skandan

Shreyas : Since Limit Zero is currently a studio project , we wanted to put out a demo cd as soon as possible. At first, the idea was to release a full length, but we decided to put out a 3 or 4 track debut EP instead. A lot of work went into materialising this idea since we wanted to record everything ourselves. Countless number of hours went in tracking as we’ve got a lot of layers going on in every song. It wasn’t an easy task! I recorded all the instruments and programmed the drums. Sachin wrote the lyrics and did all the vocals. Also, artwork to us was a very important part of this EP and Limit Zero in general. We want people to, not only hear our music, but see and feel it . The visual aspect plays a vital role , almost as vital as the music. We got our myspace designed by Benjamin Guarino of Thinking Imagery. He has done artwork for Periphery , Haunted Shores , Casey Sabol etc. We went back and forth with a couple of ideas until he gave us exactly what we wanted! Coming to the CD artwork, this was done prior to the myspace by Jon Allen. As for production aspect of the CD, we got the tracks mixed and mastered by Hugo Welti Pelaez of Mexico. He’s been a friend of ours for quite some time and has a great sense of tone and music. We believe that a great release is made of two things – good music and good production and we’d like to think we have both!

IRMP3: Sachin, lead us through the songs of Limit Zero, what are your lyrical themes?

Approaching Infinity: (Right Click Save)

The lyrical content around the song is about how we struggled against all odds to make this CD happen. The lyrics describe how time is always moving forward and the only way to get something done is by ‘acting now’ . And the only way to cheat this is by breaking down the Quantum Theory.


This song is a comparison between the mortal life we lead and SPACE. We take for granted that we are at the epicentre/focus of all that is real , but our existance is insignificant when compared to things happenning out there. We are all part of something so big, that we fail to realize we are nothing but star dust.

Arcturus :

Shreyas named this song as he had a strange fascination for the star – Arcturus, while composing it. Arcturus corresponds to the Hindu astronomy of Svātī, which happens to be compatible with my star, Karka (or Cancer). The song also goes on to describe the life cycle of stars in general and how our own star is heading towards it’s end.

“Before light fades….”

IRMP3: Personally I feel Limit Zero is an awesome project even though drums are programmed, any plans to play these songs on stage?

Sachin Rajmohan

Shreyas : Definitely! We are already on the lookout for musicians. We’ve approached a few very talented drummers and bass guitarists and they’ve all shown a lot of interest. However, we will not be able to audition any musicians untill I finish my final examinations but we plan on hitting the stages at the earliest.

And yes the EP has programmed drums as it is the most cost efficient way to get a great drum sound. There were plans of having sessions drummers record live drums for the CD but our budget and time constraints made that impossible.

IRMP3: Any thanks you notes? shout outs?
Shreyas : I’d like to thank my mother for putting up with all the nonsense that went into making this CD! I’d like to thank my friends for always being there to support my musical endeavours.

And a big shout out to the guys from Uneven Structure for helping us with the final stages of the CD release!

Sachin : A big shout out to my girlfriend Ayshy for giving me all the confidence i need. And i’d like to thank all my fans , friends and family for their support and encouragement.

And we’d like to thank Hugo for the great mix , Benjamin Guarino from Thinking Imagery for designing our myspace , Jon Allen for designing our CD . And we would also like to thank our fans for supporting us all the way and also our critics for their expert comments that only drove us to do better. And thank you for this interview.

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Demonic Resurrection reveals cover artwork, tracklist

December 24, 2009

Demonic Resurrection have revealed the cover artwork for their new album ‘The Return To Darkness’ on Youtube.

The artwork has been done by Xaay who has previously worked with the likes of Nile, Karl Sanders, Necrophagist and Behemoth. The album features 10 tracks of Demonic metal.

1. Between Infinity And Oblivion
2. Where Dreams And Darkness Unite
3. The Warriors Return
4. A Tragedy Befallen
5. The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance
6. Bound By Blood, Fire And Stone
7. Lord Of Pestilence
8. Dismembering The Fallen
9. The Final Stand
10. Omega,I

DR will also be releasing a video of the 1st single from the album ‘The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance’ which has been directed by Vijesh & Vaas (Scribe).

The band has also uploaded an unmastered clip of the track ‘Where Dreams And Darkness Unite’ on their Myspace Page and Reverbnation Page.

(Article Source –

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Melakartha release new single ‘Infidel’

December 23, 2009


During my last conversation with Sridhar (a.k.a Radius Vector) of Transcend fame, I remember saying to him that I liked Sridhar/Transcend over his heavier side project Melakartha… He replied ‘it is a phase’.  I wonder if he knew that I was notorious to say things when I really don’t listen to the songs and assume them to be different from they really are. This morning Sridhar sent a message saying he had released a new single titled ‘Infidel‘ and it was his best mix ever. I said to him that I would listen to it .. And I am glad I really did.. because  it kicked me right in .. you know where 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen announcing the arrival of  Melakartha – A side project by Guitar wizard Sridharan Ravichandran. If you liked Sridhar’s debut album Transcend (Free Download link) , you will definitely like the heavier/Darker side of him.

P.S: Sridhar is now recording and mixing bands. Get in touch with Sridhar  if you or your band is interested in getting a decent mix for cheap – Email

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Quote of the Day

December 22, 2009

All this while, the crowd had been swelling up and getting increasingly insane, and by around 6.00 pm, it was finally time for us to get on stage. We started with Life and the place erupted. I saw a circle full of raging agitation as wide as my eyes could see. Even we somehow forgot the fatigue that we had accumulated in our rest-ridden day and all we wanted to do was lead the insanity to a crescendo of utter madness! –  New Wave of Indian Heavy Metal- Pune  (NWOIHM) gig review by Artillerie vocalist Luke.

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