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Exclusive interview with ZYGNEMA

August 16, 2009

Zygnema is a metal band from Mumbai and their genre can easily be in heavy /thrash/ power metal They have accumulated a reputation of winning competitions and generating insane mosh-pits in their live shows.
Ritesh caught up with  their axeman Sidharth for a brief interview.

Zygnema is a metal band from Mumbai and their genre can easily be in heavy /thrash/ power metal They have accumulated a reputation of winning competitions and generating insane mosh-pits in their live shows.   Ritesh Mayekar caught up with  their axeman Sidharth for a brief interview.
Zygnema , Mumbai

Ritesh: Greetings Greetings! Whats the latest shit happening in the Zygnema camp?
Sidharth: Well, the usual stuff. Band practise three times a week, writing new riffs, working on achieving a good sound on our recordings, so on and so forth.

Ritesh: Heard you guys are planning to rip apart the Elimination round at Independence Rock?
Sidharth: I don’t know man, we are just going to let loose and give it our best shot. We have been waiting for this for so long and finally all our dreams are manifesting. Similar thing happened to us at Mood Indigo Live Wire 2008. We didn’t expect to get through the selection stage. But thankfully we made it to the top three in the finals, got to share the same stage with Motherjane and Ensiferum.

Ritesh: Most obvious question, when was Zygnema formed and what does the band name mean?
Sidharth: Well I have been using this name for quite some time (laughs). I don’t know why. All I can say right now is we felt the existence of Zygnema when Jimmy started jamming with Sachin (Ex-Drummer) and me. The true/current Zygnema line-up started in December 2006. Zygnema is a free floating Algae which segregated and gives rise to different life forms. We associate with it because we are basically a metal band, but every song of ours is not Thrash or heavy metal. It sub divides into other genres of metal.

Ritesh: 59” is the hardest hitting Zygnema track, especially the lyrics. Can you tell us more about it? Can you also walk us through your other tracks like Scarface, Discriminate, national disaster etc?
Sidharth: Thank you for the compliment man. Well 59 means 59 hours of gun battle between our soldiers and terrorist. This is with respect to the horrifying terror attacks.That took place on 26th November 2008. This song says it all, what was happening when the soldiers fought bravely and laid down their lives and how these money making corrupt retards were busy blaming each other. Nobody was ready to step up and take the responsibility. This song is a message to every youth in this nation saying stand up for yourself and stand up for your country. Don’t let these old money making bastards take you for granted. Discriminate is also somewhere in that direction, emphasising on the biggest Racist of our state. How the hard working vegetable vendors, auto and taxi drivers were beaten up just because they aren’t Maharashtrians. We like to focus on the political issues and all the bullshit that our people take without hesitation. Our new song is called Theory of Lies and Negation. That’s the hardest hitting song Ritesh. I’m sure you haven’t heard it yet. Stop being a slave of this 9am to 5pm system and come for shows (laughs)Zygnema, mumbai

Ritesh: How was your experience in Guitar Institute of Technology , USA and how has that moulded you as a better musician?
Sidharth: Dude, it was amazing. I spent a whole year in Musicians Institute but one whole year will be less for me to explain how awesome that place can be. I’ve become so much stronger in stuff like song writing, theory, time signature, improvising and most above all I’ve learnt to be a musician and not just a guitar player. I can read and write music to save my life, not very good at it, but thats an added asset to my job profile.

Ritesh: Whats your reaction towards people who accuse Zygnema of being heavily influenced by Pantera and Sepultura?
Sidharth: I don’t know how Jimmy, Ravi and Mayank react to it but I love it man. It’s but natural to think in that direction when you grow up listening to them. We do associate their ideas with our new ideas with a modern sound, so i guess that is helping us to achieve our sound. We are also highly influenced by Death, Machine Head, Meshuggah, Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Testament and Anthrax.  Just that people need to understand the feel of the song, and at that moment the feel relates us to a certain band. We are glad that none of us listen to Anu Malik because he is the only person capable of stealing a Rage against the Machine Song 😆 . You know what I’m talking about.

Ritesh: Would you like to share something about Zygnema’s musical journey so far, say like the best days and the days when you guys feel at your lowest?
Sidharth: Hmmmm…There is a lot to say but I’m going to make it real easy. We felt horrible when we were called upon the stage for the first time as winners at St.Francis Engg College. But later the prize money was taken back from us on the stage in front of everyone, few changes were made on the scoresheet and we were standing on stage with nothing to say and we just starred at the stunned audience and did not know how to react. Frankly speaking that was it, when we decided to get our act together and just go crazy on stage.

Every day of our musical journey has been awesome man, wish we all could keep an eye on it but happiness and good times are not meant to be measured, but let me recollect, we were all charged up and super excited when we are asked to share the stage with Pin Drop Violence for the album promotional gig Right II Riot. Just us and PDV at Musicians Mall, that was on hell of show. More than 200 people inside a small store headbanging and cheering for us. I could say that was a turning point in our lives. zygnema mumbai

Ritesh: All the members individually have different influences but how do you merge it and get the killer ZYGNEMA sound ? What do you guys usually tune to and can you please mention what gears you guys are using at present?
Sidharth: I don’t know man. This is the most difficult question to answer 🙂 . We just play our hearts out in the jam room.  As I mentioned before, music should be a part of your sub conscious mind and all our riffs and songs are based on our mood/feel or the situation to be precise. Nothing is pre planned. Once we get a hang of a new riff, we try and work things around it and rehearse it over and over again. Currently Jimmy(vocalist) has nothing 😛 . He uses an Ibanez nylon string acoustic guitar for song writing and practising. Ravi(bassist) uses an Ibanez Sound gear series Bass guitar with a Boss GEB7 equaliser pedal. Mayank (drummer) uses a shit ton of things which I’m unaware about, but let me guess, pro mark sticks, Paiste and Sabian cymbals, Zildjian China crash, that’s his favourite. Bangs the shit out of it and its already cracked . He uses an iron cobra double bass pedals. I use Dean Dime shadow ML while performing and use an Ibanez RG2EX1 for recording and practising at home which runs through a DD-11 Dime distortion, GCB95 wah pedal and Boss DD-3 delay pedal.

Ritesh: Some developments of local scene you really like and some things that really pisses you off?
Sidharth: Well everything happens and changes around us for good. One thing that constantly troubles or pisses me of is the talent of the extreme metal bands being un noticed. People just define it as Chaos or noise just because they can’t headbandg that fast or simply fail to understand it. Even experienced musicians are busy taking a piss or smoking a cigarette while an extreme band is putting in everything on the stage. One thing thats changing for the best is a lot of colleges are encouraging bands to participate in college competitions to display their talents which is the best platform for young and enthusiastic musicians.

Ritesh: How’s the EP recording process going on with Akash?
Sidharth: We haven’t planned on releasing an EP yet. We have 7 songs so far and we are working on 2 new songs. We are simply going to record all our tracks and then come out with an album.  Whatever we have recorded with Akash Sawant has been awesome and has been a great learning experience for us and for him as we are the first metal band that he is recording with. We keep working on our sound and he is the one who puts in maximum hard work to make us sound good. He keeps getting ideas and keeps pushing us for the best result. Right now all we can say is we have 4 songs recorded fully with a few minor mixing and editing here and there. We have the drum tracks ready for National disaster and Into the Darkest night. Just waiting for Mr.Akash to get a little free time from his hectic schedule so that we can proceed with our recordings. Oh I forgot to mention, he also handles our live sound.

Ritesh: Sometimes do you feel about compromising on the music to make it more viable?
Sidharth: Thankfully that day hasn’t come where we decide on writing viable or mainstream music. To be honest its going the other way. Our songs were much more straight forward and simple in our early days. But if you take a look at our songs that we have composed recently, its getting more and more heavier, technical and groovy. Experience and regular practise is helping us to think and write better stuff but the most important thing is the dedication of my fellow band members. We all think in the same direction and will never compromise on our writing skills. Zygnema , India

Ritesh: Now that the band has a steady line up but in the past there were band members leaving, creative differences, and ego hassles? How did you deal with that?
Sidharth: I don’t remember man. I guess it was just our passion to deal with anything and everything shut up and play music. I wouldn’t say it was Ego clashes or musical differences. Everyone departed on a good note and it was all mutual. The best part is our Ex  band members come for our shows to support us. What else can you ask for?

Ritesh: How hard is it to be a musician? Do you think it’s cool to be a rocker?
Sidharth: It is not easy being a musician, but it not even impossible. Dedication is required everywhere. Some choose to be Musicians and some choose to be doctors or Graphic designers. The time and energy you spend behind your passion is the same. In my opinion, being a musician is the best thing to happen to anyone. You have the greatest weapon to express your emotions. Agreed that there are several ways, but this is the best way to connect with people who are at the same wavelength. It is cool being a rocker, punk, metal head when your a teenagers, but everyone sobers down or wakes up when their passion turns into careers because that is when you realise and decide how hard you want to work.

Ritesh: Any message?
Sidharth: My first message goes out to you Ritesh and, Thank you for giving me this opportunity and thank you for listening to my bullshit. I would like to thank my closest friend our sound engineer Akash Sawant. Thanks to Ashutosh Pande ( guitarist of Xenon, Groovelab, Khiladi) and Ashwin Sharma(co- Manager of Atmosfear) for giving us infinite amount of moral support. Best wishes to our brothers from Atmosfear, Khiladi and Abraxas and a big bow to all our friends who come for all our shows. Thank you for believing in us. Cheers.

Zygnema are :

Jimmy Bhore – Vocals
Sidharth Kadadi – Guitars
Ravi Satpute – Bass Guitar
Mayank Sharma – Drums

Website = www.soundclick/zygnema .

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  1. August 16, 2009 6:36 pm

    Kickass interview…was a fun read…!!!
    POP QUIZ:Whats the real name of Jimmy Bhore? 😛

  2. Sidharth permalink
    August 18, 2009 10:35 am

    hahaha..Whats yout real name TJ???

  3. August 18, 2009 10:38 am

    its Tejas…!

  4. Priyadarshan Bhore permalink
    August 19, 2009 11:50 am

    Tejas, my real name is Jimmy wonly!!!

  5. dungeon prisoner permalink
    September 25, 2009 5:30 pm

    u guyz r amazing. i havent seen all the indian metal band but listened to almost all bands frm mumbai. n i think that u guyz r the best. in every zygnema gig ppl come few minutes early just because they dont even want to miss the sound check. 😀 .

  6. vishak permalink
    November 16, 2009 11:43 am

    zygnema r the greatest metal band in india….m a big fan…

  7. February 25, 2015 7:19 am

    Priyadarshan Bhore PERMALINK
    August 19, 2009 11:50 am
    Tejas, my real name is Jimmy wonly!!!


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