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Melakartha release new single ‘Infidel’

December 23, 2009


During my last conversation with Sridhar (a.k.a Radius Vector) of Transcend fame, I remember saying to him that I liked Sridhar/Transcend over his heavier side project Melakartha… He replied ‘it is a phase’.  I wonder if he knew that I was notorious to say things when I really don’t listen to the songs and assume them to be different from they really are. This morning Sridhar sent a message saying he had released a new single titled ‘Infidel‘ and it was his best mix ever. I said to him that I would listen to it .. And I am glad I really did.. because  it kicked me right in .. you know where 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen announcing the arrival of  Melakartha – A side project by Guitar wizard Sridharan Ravichandran. If you liked Sridhar’s debut album Transcend (Free Download link) , you will definitely like the heavier/Darker side of him.

P.S: Sridhar is now recording and mixing bands. Get in touch with Sridhar  if you or your band is interested in getting a decent mix for cheap – Email

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  1. Arjun permalink
    December 24, 2009 9:16 pm

    Fucking epic bro!


  1. Melakartha – Infidel makes Soundclick #8 | Sridhar's Blog - Guitars are us

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