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‘Irish Coffee’ – Solder (Fan Video)

December 22, 2009

What every Band should wish for is … to have a fan like Ebey Joseph. As I have always believed, fans are like mini-gods..  and what can be more wonderful when one of these mini gods come up with a ‘Fan Video’?.  Ebey Joseph has made a beautiful fan video (courtesy of running men from Hollywood 😛 ) for Bangalore’s up coming rock act Solder‘s debut single ‘Irish Coffee’. Personally ‘Irish Coffee’ is one of my current favourite songs.. although the song needs to be ‘soldered’  at some lose ends, its a beautiful song. Do watch it… it’s nice ! Download Mp3  from Here .

Solder on Facebook
Solder on Reverbnation .
Solder on Myspace .

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ATC Release New Single ‘Her Friend The Wolf’

December 22, 2009

Sunnieth Revankar

Amidst the Chaos has just released  a brand new track  titled ‘ Her Friend the Wolf‘ which is now streaming on bands Myspace page.  Amidst the Chaos comprises of Sunnieth Revenkar on Vocals, Aditya Gopinathan on Guitars and Venky on Bass. Do listen to this killer track on Myspace just to preview the mayhem that will be unleashed in 2010.

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Gig Alert: Unseen Underground Ragnarok’2009 – Chennai

December 22, 2009

This New Year’s eve will trait many pub events, where the localities, especially couples are invited for a party with dance and music. This is nothing unusual for Chennai as it happens regularly every year with a fair amount of price. If you had enough of such parties and bored to go to a mediocre event like that, then you should consider for the real music fest. The best option would be the Unseen Underground Ragnarok’2009 organized by Unseen Underground in Association with FA, Kingfisher, HMI,SS Music & Doohm at Geoffrey’s pub at 31st night. This event promises to bring you the best New Year’s party ever with some of the greatest rock musicians from the country performing live. The line-up for this event will feature 9 bands from all the major cities from the country, all geared up to deliver 6 hours of pure rock & metal massacre. Featuring bands are listed below.

1. RAMPAZZE ( Delhi / Guwahati)

Click to Enlarge

2.ATMOSFEAR (Mumbai)

3. PURPLEBLOOD (Trivandrum )

4. KAASHM0RA ( Bangalore )

5. ZYGNEMA ( Mumbai)

6. ABANDONED AGONY ( Bangalore )

7. BLIND IMAGE (Chennai)

8. CRYPTED ( Chennai)


Date : 31st December ‘2009 .

Venue : Geoffrey’s Pub ,
# 171, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai.
Arumbakkam, Chennai-106

Time : 8 pm till 2am

This is a unique event happening on 31st Dec evening for the 1st time in Chennai. So let’s make a history.

For more details of  the show mail us at

Or call Nicky – 9380560142

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‘My Dark Symphony-1833AD’ Arriving Soon in 2010

December 20, 2009

By: Jitesh Rajan .

Black metal anyone?

During the razz days during the mid 2000 there used to be a handful of black metal acts in Mumbai which regularly used to play live. Lack of originality ultimately led to their demise.

After giving a listen to 1833 Ad’s tracks on their myspace & reverbnation link from their forthcoming album “My Dark Symphony”, one can safely say they have experimented with their own brand of black metal. Melodic but at the same time brutal makes this Delhi metal outfit stand out from its counterparts in the Indian metal scene.

1833 AD

Originally founded by vocalist Nishant Abraham and bassist Sushmit Mazumdar in 2004, 1833 AD has been playing its own brand of Black Metal ever since. Dark riff oriented intros prepare you for the mayhem thereafter. With a distinctive vocal style, Nishant stamps his unique rasped vocal style to the band’s compositions. Rahul’s dark & grim melodic riffing adds a new dimension to the brutality of 1833AD’s music.I was most impressed by Sushmit’s bass work on tracks like “Empty shrine” & “Inheritance evil”. One of the best I have heard from bass players around in the Indian metal scene. With blast beats & double bass in abundance Shashank takes it up a level behind the kit. Their music can be best described as a fresh approach towards the black metal genre with some intricate musicianship.

With things heating up in the growing metal scene in our country, 1833 AD is most definitely the band look out for in the coming year.” My Dark Symphony” comes out mid 2010

*Jitesh Rajan is a Ad professional by day and a die hard  ’Metal head’ by night. He is one of the handful of guys who work selflessly to promote  the Indian underground Scene.

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TFSP Ep 7: The Carnage Returns

December 19, 2009

They are BACK !!

The Flaming Skull Podcast , India’s only Metal Podcast is back after a chota sa break. This time around its louder than ever , featuring 5 of the  ‘brutalest’ bands from India. Featured on 7th episode of TFSP THE CARNAGE RETURNS are ..
Abandoned Agony (Bangalore, India) – Before My Grave
Guillotine (Delhi, India) – Crave
FLH (Montreal, Canada)- D.U.(Depleted Uranium)
Myspace Website
Blind Image(Chennai, India) – Decipher
Myspace Website
Zygnema (Mumbai, India) – Scarface
Soundclick .

Visit The Flaming Skull Podcast to download this scull crushing episode …

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WORKSHOP goes to Delhi…

December 19, 2009

This is exactly what every rock band out there should do. That is “GET A VLOG” on youtube. Humor metal act from Mumbai Workshop who rocked your balls world with an awesome debut album Khooni Murga recently travelled to nations capital Delhi and apparently shared the biggest stage ever at mocha Bar 😀 , watch this hilarious video blog (Vlog) by Workshop.

P.S : Parental Discretion adviced 😛

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When 200,000 hits old… Say Thank You !

December 18, 2009

The last thank you note was not long ago, In August this year I wrote a thank you note upon completing 100,000 hits on this blog website. It took exactly a year to do that, Well !! as they say ‘your first million lakh is the toughest’, It didn’t take much time to gather the second lakh. Here we are 200,000 hits old, and exuberant and hungry for Indian Rock more than ever. Looking back what a year that was 2009 , We are blessed to cover one magnificent, probably the best year in the history of Indian Rock. Loads of new releases this year and we covered most of them. Awesome interviews, gig reviews, gig alerts and most of all made lots of new friends who shared the same passion as I did. If I can put it in simple words Thank you! Yes You, Thank You for reading my error ridden posts, grammatical fvckups and what not. It’s been a fun ride and will continue to be so as long as you keep coming back.

Special Thank you to my son for not unplugging the modem when it mattered the most, and thank you to my wife for her unconditional support. Thank you for the sweetest gesture of interviewing me (who’d have thunk that 😛 ).

Finally Thanks to Jitesh Rajan, Neerav Gupta, Ritesh Mayekar, Itihas Shetty, Sridhar for their support and contribution with articles, and……….  Ashwin Sharma, what Can i say about this guy? He is the living rock Wikipedia, with out him things wouldn’t have been this crazy.. Thank You Ashwin.

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